Everything has a beginning. So in this first blog, to which I have finally surrendered to do, I want to greet and thank you for reading and let you know it is my intention that all my communications ultimately uplift, inspire, refresh, and renew your sense of the goodness of life and your capacity to thrive in it, no matter your circumstance. And yet because of your circumstance. Releasing, understanding, reaching, re-creating. That is the business we’re about…



Robyn Bridges, M.Ed., (that’s me) has been sharing the delight of living well through “traversing the inner landscape” for over 40 years in various capacities: as teacher, healer, body-mind-spirit therapist, and now author of several books revealing both the power of nature to heal and our psyches’ ability to know the way.


I’ve been doing this work, in one manner or another, for over 40 years. Somewhere in the middle of that time I was given the Seneca Nation Wolf Teaching Clan honorary name of “She Who Shows the Way”. I’m sure that just to keep me humble, the universe arranged for me to totally lose direction for an entire year after being given that potentially ego-inflating name. So of course I had to get lost, during which time I renamed myself, “She Who Hasn’t Got a F-ing Clue”! Valuable lessons there. The deepest teaching, however, was realizing that we sometimes need to be truly lost to find our true selves.


From the beginning of feeling called to this work, my passion and purpose through my books and speaking engagements has been to articulate the immense insights and power available through the “path of direct experience”. Through my books, blogs, CD’s, podcasts and YouTube offerings, I seek to invoke our ability to deepen and evolve with our unique sense of Creator, God, Goddess, Universe, The All That Is— however we refer to the Divine.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without a sense of God. God within, God without, God everywhere. So join me, if you will, following what might be a meandering (or some day, organized) trail sniffing out how we re-discover how connected to the natural world we really are, and how our thoughts and emotions can become both divinely given and divinely ordered, even during seeming unrest and disruption. We are not alone. You are not alone. I am not alone. We are the Many and the One, quantum science and intuition courting one another at long last, delivering droplets of light like dew on the morning flowers. Let’s imbibe these gifts together.