Naturally Inspired Podcasts

The Power of Paradigm Shifts

Tips for allowing old belief systems to dissolve, finding greater comfort in the intermittent place of “not knowing”, and let new insights shape us into the person our souls are asking us to become.

Regenesis: New Beginnings

We may tremble with changes to our inner or outer landscape, the “unmapped dance” of partnering or un-partnering, geographical moves, job changes, or even inner moves, but our souls are always lovingly guiding us towards downloading and updating who we really are.

The Importance of Your Story, And When To Let It Go

Excerpted from Robyn’s book, Two-Legged Medicine, how to honor the truth of your past, find valid ego strength from it: how doing so brings the courage to recognize when it is time to let it go.

Winter Solstice

A personal rendering of valuing the soul-making of befriending the quiet dark within yourself, doing less and contemplating more of what nourishes us.

Winter Solstice History and Ceremony

How we can integrate our ancient need to supplicate Gods and Goddesses for the sun’s return with contemporary recognition of our timeless connection with seasonal change.

Civilization Is Crumbling

In this podcast, Robyn Bridges and Guest Psychotherapist Ginny Watts consider how worldwide seemingly “dark” events may actually be leading us toward building a new vision. How will we respond and seize opportunities to rebuild? The tasks of the Divine Feminine now in both men AND women can blend the best qualities of the patriarchy and matriarchy for a much-needed new approach. We are moving toward the “NEW US”.

The Importance of Making Soul

This podcast highlights how choosing a deep personal response to life through direct experience with joy as well as sorrow allows the soul to harness the Ego to Spirit, thereby creating a healthy psyche.