(Inspiration, Adventure, Self-Help)

These are great books to carry with you on vacation or during personal retreat:

Moose Medicine book by Robyn Bridges

Moose Medicine: Healing Wisdom From The Natural World

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Two-Legged Medicine book by Robyn Bridges

Two-Legged Medicine: How To Be Your Own Brilliant Therapist

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Turtle Medicine book by Robyn Bridges

Turtle Medicine: The Art of Swimming Sideways

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(Inspiration, Soulful Living)

These are great books to slip into the evening with …

This Way To The Kiva book by Robyn Bridges

This Way To The Kiva: Poems For The Journey Home

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The Good Earth book by Robyn Bridges

The Good Earth: Canyons of Gratitude

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Uncharted Sorrows book by Robyn Bridges

Uncharted Sorrows: The Incandescence of Loss

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Safe Passage book by Robyn Bridges

Safe Passage: Eyes On Sunrise

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(Narrative, Meditative)

These are great books to read in a rocking chair…

Water For The Desert book by Robyn Bridges

Water For The Desert: A Template For Evolutionary Change

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This Divine Moment: Seasonal Meditations For Evolving Souls (upcoming)