Each morning upon awakening, while still in that precious liminal state of half-awareness, I sleepily connect with my heart and breathe it into God’s. I activate this god-within feeling and thought within to the god without, the one greater than I yet with whom I am inextricably intertwined. I envision a continuous, unbroken tube of light extending from me up to the heavens, even though I realize that God is everywhere. This sense of a container for conscious renewal both anchors and expands my sense of wellbeing, peace, and purpose. It helps me access the ultimate source of power, hope, and vision in these challenging times of global and national unrest and constantly weaves that sense of reassurance into the fabric of my days. While I may feel powerless at times to effect positive outcomes in world events, attuning my heart and mind to the power of creation allows greater participation in whatever way I feel called, so that even in the midst of external uncertainty, I can manifest more joy, peace, love, trust, and sense of ultimate safety than ever before. In turn, this encourages the development of a higher vibration both to live with vibrant appreciation of life itself and to assist in the best possible outcomes for our precious planet.

Through my years as a psychotherapist, I discovered that a healthy spirituality is inextricably tied to a healthy psychology. Both psyche and spirit thrive only when aligned in supportive, loving interactions within and without, enhancing the growth of love, forgiveness, self-esteem, kindness, and compassion toward all living things. And though I separate God and Psyche to discuss them, I know that the God of my understanding automatically encompasses the psyche as a marvelous and necessary structure for understanding ourselves in the world, a divine gift from creation itself.

As a result, the God-and-Psyche centered series of explorations you will find in This Divine Moment seek to help you strengthen and deepen your own relationship with Source (or whoever you seek and connect with as your Creator) as well as stabilize and inspire your personal life. You are being invited to take a spiritual journey each day, week by week, for an entire year, to deepen your own connection with wellbeing and sense of universal love. I’m envisioning that your resulting expanded awareness will enhance the gift of each moment, each divine moment.

The body and soul meditations presented here, with just one topic to ponder for an entire week,  have been carefully chosen to match the rhythm of the earth through 13 entries for each of the four seasons of the year. You may choose to match these readings with whichever season is current for you, whether in the psychological or physical realm. For example, if you are in an especially thoughtful inward mode, you might choose to peruse the entire section, week by week, of ‘Winter: Quiet Presence’. Or, if your actual season when you have just received the book happens to be in Spring, start there. You could also skip around from week to week according to your mood. So, if in a given week you are feeling in full bloom, you could choose a selection from ‘Summer: Unfurling Presence’. Or if you are reaping a harvest in your life, you might choose “Fall: Gathering Presence”. And so on. Although each section tends to build in intensity, you can trust that what you choose to imbibe will be just right for your palate. Then, after each week’s thematic reading, you will be invited to ponder the questions listed, “For Your Consideration”. They are designed to deepen and clarify your own relationship to the topic being explored as the week progresses, and many readers find them empowering.

This Divine Moment seeks to enhance your consciousness in realizing how magnificent the moments of every day really are, and how the gift of such awareness blesses you and all with whom you come in contact, both human and non-human. May you travel the inner landscape with increased gratitude for the absolute miracle of life teeming around you and become more enchanted with life itself. May you laugh louder, ponder more thoughtfully, and love more fully. And may this result in a greater absolute knowledge of how we are all truly unique yet connected expressions of the divine One. Good journey!




Week 1: I Am Present to This Divine Moment
Week 2: Naked and Unafraid
Week 3: Excavating Truth
Week 4: The Field of All Possibilities
Week 5: Peace Train
Week 6: The Incredible Lightness of Being
Week 7: Trust and the “S” Word
Week 8: When I Am One with Everything, I Hold on to Nothing
Week 9: Compassionate De-Possession
Week 10: Bliss
Week 11: Natural Beauty
Week 12: People, Places, and Purpose: The Urge toMerge
Week 13: The Clue in the Feeling

Week 1: The Romance of Place
Week 2: Already Done
Week 3: The Cats Have It
Week 4: Good Vibrations
Week 5: Misery Loves Company
Week 6: As Without, So Within
Week 7: Who Decides Your Destiny?
Week 8: Buddha In Water
Week 9: What If?
Week 10: Return of the Sacred Feminine .
Week 11: Written on the Wind
Week 12: Your Greatest Conflict
Week 13: Scripting Your Life

Week 1: Time for Ceremony
Week 2: Envisioning a Joyful Harvest
Week 3: Subtle Addictions: The Purpose in thePassion
Week 4: Painful Pasts and Soulful Futures
Week 5: Regrettable
Week 6: Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?
Week 7: The Energetics of Words
Week 8: Confessions of a Wanna-Be Altruist
Week 9: Who’s Responsible for Your Life?
Week 10: On Aging and Staying Current
Week 11: Harvesting Effortless Reciprocity
Week 12: Uncover to Recover: The Shape of Loss
Week 13: When Intimate Relationships End:Choices and Chances .

Week 1: Is Your Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?
Week 2: Who Holds the Keys to Your Inner Balance?
Week 3: Who Do You Think You Are?
Week 4: What I Know for Sure
Week 5: Bless the Negative
Week 6: Restorative Quiet
Week 7: Your Inner Teacher
Week 8: Why on Earth are you Here?
Week 9: Destination: Self-Compassion
Week 10: Night Traveler
Week 11: To Everything, A Season
Week 12: Rubbing Shoulders with the Ancestors
Week 13: Hitching Mind to Heart: Dreaming the New Dream


Sample Weekly Selection

Season: WEEK 5
Many of our limitations are self-imposed, embedded in us at an early age from unconscious cultural conditioning and collective thought. While some limitations are meant to keep us safe (societal rules and acceptable codes of conduct), our deepest emotional and physical capabilities are often needlessly limited by fear, especially in the realm of our capacity for self-healing and fulfilling our vast, divinely human potential.

I often come up against my own self-imposed limits: My belief system declares that I can’t really allow any type of divine healing (especially physically) because that would seem so entirely miraculous that I might have to reassess who I am in relation to God. I might not be able to complain anymore that I’m a victim to undesirable outcomes. That old limiting paradigm would have to crack, and what would take its’ place? Could I venture into the next unknown steps with excitement and a growing trust rather than a sense of unworthiness, fear, or separation? If I experience healing, does that mean I’m truly part of God? Or am I God?” How dare I think that? Hubris! Damnation!

And yet, recently I experienced a complete healing of long-standing leg pain from just one session of “Psych-K”. This particular ‘energy psychology’, recommended by many neuroscientists and quantum physics explorers, uses applied kinesiology to access our deep subconscious to identify and then re-write programs that have been keeping us ill. It then prompts our intention to activate health instead. While gratitude now floods my being for such healing, I am still a bit slow to take it in, even though ever since, my body has been reveling daily in peace and comfort. I am in awe. Speechless. Floating in a new awareness I can’t quite yet fully wrap my mind around.

I consider how often most of us accept some level and type of discomfort as an unfortunate necessity, whether resulting from jobs, household accidents, genetics, sports, or even aging. Perhaps we fear that if we experience a better life beyond such limitation we would be challenging God, an admittedly frightening prospect. We believe in the limits of what might be possible more than the quantum limitless field of the “impossible”. We don’t realize that we can experience our individual divine essence as a vibrant part of the collective divinity.

Even if you are currently struggling with some physical limitation yourself right now, can you move deeper and wider into the field of the One Great Compassionate Heart, opening to what might seem like impossible healing, allowing complete, or at least better, health? It can seem impossible: too cruel to hope, too scary to believe. But can you follow your own intuition anyway, raise your energy vibration into the field of the One Great Love, and trust that your heart and your sense of God will see you through, no matter the outcome? We sometimes have to ask in order to receive. To feel gratitude before it manifests in order to receive. And we have so much help from divine sources encouraging us to do so.

Can’t we participate in miracles and even co-create them? Jesus said, “These things (miracles) I do you can do also, and greater…” And, “You can say to this mountain, ‘Move,’ and it shall move.” What further permission does a Christian, or a person of any religious or spiritual persuasion, need? We are no longer under the dominion of playing small unless we choose to. Some indigenous tribes have actually never dealt with such limitations and as a result have enjoyed incredible health and long life. Imagine that! Can we do the same? Of course we can. We are.

Today I join with all those moving beyond fearful limitation into expansive
wellbeing. With each breath, I become more conscious and open to the
probability of dreams becoming reality. Regardless of my current
situation, from moment to moment I exercise gratitude and the power of
relief in body, mind, and spirit. Now I dwell here, and I am glad for it.


1. What limits do you place on your own healing?

2. How would you like to break out of them?

3. What permission (and from whom) do you need to move ahead?