(an excerpt from Robyn Bridges’ upcoming book:
This Divine Moment: Meditations for the GPS of Change)

I am writing to you during the 2020 initial outbreak of the Corona Virus, COVID-19.
So much fear has arisen, as evidenced through the Center For Disease Control (CDC),
to practice “social distancing”, closure of schools, events, and businesses, which has
activated a resultant panic about supplies and the economy. Whether you agree with
the route of the CDC’s guidelines that are also being implemented worldwide, or
believe instead that the mass fear-based reactions have not been worth the attempts
to control it (because the resulting stress can create as much or more disease than
the virus itself), fear has clearly taken hold at every junction.

But we are at a junction. Will we continue to act in fear, even as we comply with
“safety” guidelines, or will we choose instead to take the route of doing our own
personal work to identify our very cells as the magnificent, whole, healthy, and free?
The road of fear is unconscious and causes us to act in madly self-protective ways.
People are pushing in line for products they think will be in short supply, changing
investment strategies, and emotionally despairing. Can we, rather than blindly
taking that route, instead catch our breath and actively drive ourselves down the
road of quiet inner assurance, strengthen meditations and faith, and think, act, and
feel as the spiritual beings we really are in real and practical ways? Our energy flows
where our attention goes. Which road do you want to take?

I’m going to project into the future, the way applied Quantum Physics suggests (ala
the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and even the
Abraham channelings) have been prompting us to do for years now. I’m going to see
a fabulous future full of ease, abundance, and wellbeing for all, let my mind continue
to convince the very cells of my body of it, breathe deeply and often, and “keep my
eyes on the prize”. Literally 1,000 times a day. Or more. I’m doing this already, not
as a grim self-demand but as a joyful practice. I smile and say, “Oh, yes. It feels
sooooo good to be at peace, within and without. Even if and when I see myself or
others reacting fearfully. It is so exciting to see how we can take a global fear-
causing issue and heal that. I love alchemizing fear into love. I am thrilled that we
have such an opportunity to let all of our fears rise to the surface so they can be
lovingly attended to by the Great Love. The love that created us. The love that we co-
created. And the love that invites us to live, every day, within it.

We do see many examples during this time of love and kindness, which are so
heartening, but I want us to go deeper beyond patting ourselves on the back for how
well we can respond in a crisis. Because that does not yet heal the fear that caused
these problems to surface. The virus did not create the fear; it simply released what
was already present in us. So we have an opportunity to go really deep, be very
thorough in opening our own personal consciousness, and hold it up for the spirits
we are to let it burn through. Out of the ashes comes the new fruition, the
philosopher’s stone, the pearl of great price. It is the real power, not the
sentimentalized ideal of love itself that restores. We open to it most urgently when

the outer world presents challenges. Love invites our recognition of it as always
having existed from within, in the form of actually and actively feeling self-love and
then extending to everything around it. Maybe with less attachment than before,
because attachment is a form of fear-based holding on. But this love we are
activating is a wider love even while being extremely personal. It fills your heart
with reassurance, acceptance for exactly how you are, even with your remaining
fears, and invites you to turn each of them over to the One Love for their alchemy,
their transformation into remembrance of our timeless selves. The love creating
awareness that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”. It fills you with
amazement, inspiration, and even delight. You can see it in your own soulful eyes
and in the eyes of others who are also on this good road, or even simply recognize it
by realizing you have the ability to intuit each other’s energy. And you can hold this
‘felt sense’ of love out for others who are convinced they can’t take the steering
wheel of their own lives. They will see you traveling down this good road and may
decide that they can take this juncture themselves. Your smile invites them. “The
more the merrier” never held truer than now.

So reside in inner calm, even in the midst of what is happening in the external. When
more of us are deepening our security through love, the external will begin to reflect
that. The Law of Attraction at work.

So attract peace to yourself. Attract inner calm. Attract health and abundance, even
if it comes in surprising and unexpected forms. Let it circulate through your body,
like the blood flow it so influences. Let your hunger for health and peace be satiated
by focusing on and letting yourself feel your desired future. Join with others going
your same direction, and take heart. Your heart. Our one heart. Each moment. Each
divine moment.

1. What aspect of love do you most need right now?
2. How are you strengthening your inner knowing of the power of love?
3. What will you do, say, feel, and believe today?