Every morning, the very act of waking up is itself a divine reminder that newness is literally on the horizon. If I can slowly awaken, welcoming sunrise with a mind warming to being spoken to in a sentient manner, I just might hear intoned greetings of the universe as it quietly hums along, singing both to the wider world and to me. As my eyes flutter open, I hush extraneous thoughts, gently settling them in back rows, so I will not miss the rhythmic harmonies being offered. What will I do with this precious, divine moment? I will slip into it and listen, allowing unexpected, fresh, and new possibilities to arise.


My eyes briefly close and then drift open again. With slow breaths, I scan my sense of heart-felt awareness. Both time and my limbs stretch. What wants to happen, in and around me, right now? Though I set a groggy intention for accomplishing my tasks on this day with grace and ease, something vaster wants my attention. It is an awakening sense of being one with everything. No boundaries, just creative, unabashed love. Everything is singing its own song, even as I am, in the quiet of early morning. I can feel a unified spaciousness in my own body connecting to everything in the world around me. Can I allow my mind that same spaciousness?


Yes, I can. I do. How lovely to sense that I am, and all of us are, a part of an encompassing wisdom seeking further expression. How lovely to live in such a participatory universe. My personal self will fulfill its plans today and can do so while remaining aligned with the Greater Story. Now I release further thought and sit up, gazing out upon a new day. It fills my cells with goodness, with breath, with God.


I am new to each moment I open to God.




  1. When are you most spacious in thought and heart?


  1. What keeps you from the blessings of being present to the moment?


  1. What will help you to experience this more?