When we experience a collective consciousness of fear of something,
anything, in the outer environment, we can actually change our inner
state and physical health starting with thought alone. We have the tools
to turn our attention from immunity-reducing fear and anxiety to
immunity-enhancing healing properties of love in action through
elevated positive emotions. As shown in the research by Dr. Joe
Dispenza* and others connected in the field of natural healing, by
frequently activating heart-centered emotions of appreciation, kindness,
and gratitude, we can measurably change our internal state for the
better, not only emotionally but also physically. By creating a daily habit
of opening our hearts, we increase Immunoglobulin A, the body’s way of
creating immunity to the environment and increasing our white blood
cell count. We activate the body’s innate capacity to heal. We exchange
survival emotions for elevated emotions by our attention to what we
want, not what we fear. Dr. Dispenza urges us not to wait on this but to

Don’t you love that? “Don’t wait, create!” We can make the change we
want to see from thought alone. We can break the stress response by
teaching the body that it is safe and connected to everyone and
everything. As we do this, the parasympathetic nervous system can now
repair, restore, and heal the body.

This is the perfect opportunity to break out of victimhood to outer
circumstances, especially when confined to home, to work with the
body, the emotions, and start to dream again. Neurobiological and
Quantum Physics explorers like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton,
Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggart, and Nassim Harramein all offer
resources to turn our innate potentials into powerful healing results.
Let’s join in and become the innate healthy beings we were designed to
be. Read these researchers’ works. Practice what calls to you to do.
Attend online conferences or just listen to their podcasts and YouTube
talks. Your own enrichment and ongoing education awaits! As does your
health and wellbeing.

*Breaking the Stress Response With Elevated Emotions, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Youtube
posted March 2020